Don’t mind me,i’m just dreaming.

Have you ever found yourself dazed, staring into space imagining a life that is not. A life that let’s be honest probably never will be? I’m not talking the “go out and live your dream” kind, i’m talking the snap out of it kind. The ridiculous never gonna happen kind. See, you may visit that land one in a while, but I live there, I bought a piece of land, build a house and moved in there. It’s crazy place to be. It scares me sometimes, this property of mine, wondering whether it will ever be fruitful. After all dreams are for fools and anyone who considers themselves wise knows better that to live in that crazy little fantasy world. Sometimes when this fantasies go out of hand and I lose focus of reality, it’s pretty scaring. I always imagine that’s how insanity begins.

There’s this verse in the bible that really puts it all into perspective. Dreams are good. A little fantasizing is good, but when it takes over your mind.. it no bueno. I need that beautiful gift called self control. The ability to master my mind that I may not loe myself in a world that doesn’t exist and miss out on the beauty of today. That I may be lost in the beauty that is God.

For when dreams increase and words grow many, there is vanity;# but #God is the one you must fear.

ECC 5:7

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