Hey guys,
Hope every one of you is doing fabulous and shamelessly living for Christ!
I have been extremely busy lately with really no time to do a post, but I still think about you guys and I pray that you are continually finding inspiration in the word and in this beautiful world we live in. Inspiration to live life to the fullest, inspiration to follow your dreams, inspiration to love till your heart gives out. It is our duty to find inspiration in everything, to motivate ourselves towards the achievement of our life’s purpose and if you don’t see inspiration all around you then you really need to open your eyes because it’s there. In the most simple situation, like when we breathe in and out and our lungs don’t ache. In the laughter of those around, in the beauty of nature. It’s everywhere.. so no excuses. Look around and be grateful for all of it. And live like a person who knows just how blessed they are.

Anyway, I was just stopping by to say hallo. I will figure out a new schedule for posting(like I always do) now that my plate is so full. And I promise to be back on a regular.

God bless you.

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