Mid week inspiration

I read this on the Christian Living For today and was really inspired by it. Sadly they don’t have a share button for WordPress so had to copy it, I take no credit for it. If you like this, you can go to their website and check out their other posts.

God’s Powerful message to hurting women – I can heal you! by Robert
The number one question that people ask of God is why He allows suffering to come to them. This question has caused more than one pause for minister and layperson alike.

As a woman, it can seem like your suffering has gone unnoticed. After all, women are the keepers of the earth and home. You look after your families much like the woman mentioned in Proverbs 31. You don’t clothe them with scarlet but you do pray for them and that covers them with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with your own pain and hurt, there seems to be no one there for you. Maybe your heart is broken over a divorce. It could be that someone has brutalized you physically or mentally. You have learned to hide your pain and go on for the sake of the kids or for your livelihood. After all, the bills don’t stop coming because we are hurt.

Even at church on Sunday, you greet others with a smile that hides deep suffering inside. But how far can that really get you? Some women feel that there is strength in pain. The truth is that there is strength but not  that way.

When the hurt is that great, even your soul aches. In this life, it seems quite unfair that the deeds of the guilty can go unpunished. The only way that you see to stay in the “game of life” is to deny your pain and thus, a big part of yourself.

God wants you to know right now that  just will not do. Did you know that His heart is broken when your heart is broken? If Jesus wept for Lazarus in his death, he is surely weeping at the feet of the Almighty for your life. John 3:16 tells us that God loved every human being so much that He sent His only son, Jesus, to be a living sacrifice for us once and for all time. Does that sound like a God who doesn’t want your hurt to be healed?

God stands ready at the door of your heart to come in and change your life. There is one thing that you need to know: God is not like any man, woman or child that you have ever met. Even the most loving person in your life will let you down. It may not be their intention but it is human nature. God is not a man. He will never lie to you or make a promise to you that He doesn’t intend to keep. It’s time for you to hear God’s message of healing for your life.

Read the following verses:

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
His mercies never cease.
23Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.

-Lamentations 3:22-23

God desires to sustain you with His love. It is an everlasting love that no man or woman can understand. You have to accept it on faith. Remember the faith you had as a child? That same childlike faith is what God works through to heal your heart, mind and soul.

This is not just a promise for the believer but the non-believer as well. It is human nature to hold onto pain and try to rationalize how you feel about it. God says to cast the burden of that hurt on Him. Pray right now, wherever you are for God to heal every part of you from the pain that you are experiencing. Let Him be your strength.

It truly is a journey.

Being a Christian is tough.

Choosing the right thing over the more comfortable thing, is tough.

Listening to what God says about us, over the things that keep replaying in our heads is tough.

Life is challenging for everyone but it comes with an extra set of challenges for us. You don’t need the world to persecute you to feel the challenge. A lot of times, we persecute ourselves. Through self judgment, and comparison and just wanting to live a life we cannot. We beat ourselves up and the world really doesn’t have to.

For example, in my previous post I spoke about how badly thing have gone this year. One negative thing happened and I saw multiple other in my head and from those imaginary visions, I made choices that have been detrimental to my spiritual growth. No, I am not lost. I am grateful to God for that, but it’s really hard and we have to always remember that. Remember that just because some thing are not working out the way we want to. Or, things in our families/friends lives seem to be falling apart, does not make God any less in charge of the situation.

It only takes one bad thought for things to go out of hand, the evil one doesn’t need some big pathway to our hearts. The slightest opening and he pounces. We have to guide our thoughts, don’t let yourself go negative. When you seem to  be going down that way, recite a scripture. (this is where the memory verses we learned in Sunday school come in handy). Find the scripture that speaks to your situation and repeat it over and over till you believe. Keep His word with you always, in your heart and it will help you more than you can imagine.

I am doing better now. I have it together(somewhat), and I am still on this journey. Although the roud gets rough or we make a little stop now and a gain, the journey will not end till it’s over. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it.

He is worth it. So let’s not give up.

What’s your sin?

If there’s one bible verse that constantly challenges me it’s…

“James 5:26
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

We are expected not only to repent our sins to God but to each other.. WHOAH!

We all have personal struggles that we share with no one right? I can’t be the only one? I have things that I have shared, and said I’ve struggled with, even here on my blog. Others though I prayed about and they went away. Some still haunt me. The thing is we are not supposed to be fighting by ourselves. We are a family. One body.

Sadly, with everyone keeping their little problems to themselves, new Christians come and assume we are perfect and sometimes may even give up, because they thought sharing their imperfections with a bunch of holy members of the church was an impossible.

I follow this organization called p4cm(passion for Christ movement), they mostly reach out through poetry and I’m a huge fan of poetry. Anyway, in their store they had an EX range of tee’s. Ex- masturbator, ex-porn addict, ex-doubter, ex-hypocrite e.t.c. You buy the one that applies to you and wear it proudly, because you have been saved and redeemed by Christ.

I absolutely love that idea to be open and tell people that no one is perfect but God still loves us.

To confess that which we kept hidden. To be free. It’s a great concept, but what I’m saying isn’t that we should all wear a t-shirt with our past sins or the sins we are still struggling with but to be able to admit that we are sinners and we have been redeemed. To be able to talk to each  other honestly and openly without fear of condemnation. To be a family that loves each other and is there for one another. Because this world is hard enough without us(Christians), condemning each other. We get enough of that from the world. We should embrace each other with love and grace. We should console and pray for each other. We should lead each other.

We are called to be a family. That is the only way anyone can actually be able to come to us and say hey, I’ve been struggling with sex addiction can you help me”



Me? I used too watch porn(a lot)..  Am I tempted to once in a while? yes. But, I am proud to say I don’t watch anymore.

I used to drink, a lot.. I don’t drink anymore.

I have a lot of flaws and imperfections I can’t list them all now, but God is strong in my weakness. I may one day slip and do something but, I choose to focus on God and His undying love for me. and that gets me through everyday.

God loves you, He hates your sin. If you trust in Him, he will always come through.


So tell me, what is your sin?