Online church is still church.. Right?

I’ll be honest, I don’t go to church. The last time I was in a church building was months ago and I was there for a wedding.

Yes, I am a christian. I love God with all my heart and read the bible daily. I just got disconnected from the church community sometime back, mostly because of the judgment and hypocrisy found in the Christian community nowadays. That caused my faith to shake and it took awhile before I had rebuilt a relationship with Christ. I am now very in love with Christ and want to learn so much more about Him and what God’s plans for me are.

I haven’t yet found a church(not that I have been looking to be honest), so I am still to go to church. Thing is, I am a huge internet junkie, and I’m online almost 24/7 and interact with a lot of other Christians. I stream services and pray with them virtually. So my question is does that count as “going to church”? I always comfort myself by “where two or more are gathered in my name, there will I be” In today’s age where the world has become so small and everything is done online can you call online church your home church? Say if I give my tithe to it and I’m fully committed to it?

Opinions will be appreciated.