Unforgivable.. huh!

Can you lose your salvation?  I constantly hear stories of Christians backsliding losing their faith..  A lot of time it’s characterized by falling into  sin once or twice or even completely leaving the church. I dunno, maybe it’s just me and my interpretation of the bible that’s flawed. but, I don’t think a person can lose their salvation. I imagine that when He says my grace is sufficient He means it’s sufficient in every single circumstance. People act crazy, when a person has done some sin they consider grand and unforgivable. But, there really is no unforgivable sin(well, there is. And it’s only one – ask me for the verse and I’ll give it to you). Anyway, God has grace that can’t be measured. It’s incredibly vast, yet we always seem to want to quantify it into some human amount which, remembering that we are like a drop in an ocean to God is just completely ridiculous.

So can you lose your salvation? If you’ve gone really far down and out. According to my understanding, No. You cannot go too far that God can’t reach you. But, if you claim to know Him you must live like He did. So we can’t claim to know salvation and live a life opposite of the way Christ lived now can we?

In terms of losing our salvation, I guess that one is for discussion. What do you think?

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