Don’t bring me down!


Anger, frustration! That seems to be the order of the day. You start to settle into the good place and whoosh! A new a more powerful whirlwind comes in and tries to blow you away. This life we live, is something special. This life we live, a blessing, yet so bitter sweet. The bible teaches us, to enjoy the tough times, for they too are a blessing. In every negative situation is a brand new reason to be grateful to God. Another chance to revel in His awesome. But in those down moments we tend to get so obsessed with the situation that we miss out on the bigger picture. It might be small, it may need a keener look at, it it is never lacking. Take a closer look. Before you let a person or a situation turn in into a raging volcano. Before you say something really stupid. Before you “unforgive” that person for the hundredth time. Put your focus back on Him. Do not let yourself be dragged back into an angry place, a dark place. 

Today, I refuse to be brought down by anything. I will show love no matter how hard it is. I will be kind no matter how undeserved it is. I will represent my God in the best way I can. Devil, you can’t bring me down!

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