The burden of love.

It has been a very emotionally intense couple of days for me. Love comes at a great price and we never really realize how big until something happens and you evaluate how far you would actually go for those you claim you love.

It’s been one of those journeys for me. I had never really understood what the burden of love was before now. Knowing that people you love are on the road to destruction, and you can do nothing but love them and show the affection. It’s very difficult and heart breaking. Now more than ever I understand why it is so important to lift each other up in prayer. Life can drag anyone down, even those we assume have it all under control. It’s a wild ride this life. The more I get into the word, the more drama in my life. I am so grateful to God that He feels I can handle so much, although personally if I were to choose I really wouldn’t let half the things going on happen. But, I am not God and I have no idea what His grand plan is, all I can do is pray and love and repeat.

Remembering those I love in prayer and believing that God is in control. I choose to believe that my coming to God, my faith, is for a purpose. That I may stand in the gap for the ones I love that are oblivious of the path they are on. Now more that ever, I commit to God.  For the sake of those lost and wandering.

Life is short, I pray they find the way before it’s too late. For God has been gracious enough to give us freedom, what we do with it is up to us. All we can do for others is love them, be gracious towards them and pray for them, the rest is up to them(and God).

5 thoughts on “The burden of love.

  1. we traveled that same road with a child of ours. it broke our hearts, but drew us so close to the Lord through it all. He is good and we can trust Him for the outcome, relinquishing our rights to try to fix it…praying blessings and peace for you

  2. Tracy,
    My child is now an adult I have been there. We want so much for them. My son was living with me until Feb. It was hard not to treat him as a child. I had to let him go, make him leave my house, and allow God to make him responsible for his own life. I am certain God is working all things for both of our good.

  3. I agree. Prayer is indeed soooo powerful! Even for the simple things. It can literally shift us from depression to hope, even as in a day. 🙂

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