If tears could really wash out our souls. I’m sure you’ve had those moments when you thought that.

What if, you could cry all the pain out, wash all that inner crud, shame and all that stuff out? Wouldn’t it be wonderful?? I know for a fact I wouldn’t mind it.

Those times when not even words can describe what you feel.

Times when you wish it could all just stop for a second.

Looking at my life now, it’s amusing how crazy things have gone. Life is funny(not haha), it’s funny though, how it’s pulls you in only to let you go. Crazy little thing it is.

When you feel like you are at the bottom and the earth cracks and you fall lower, spiraling. Seems endless, wishing you’d crash to your death just so the agony ends. Life catches you, just for little while, just so you forget then it let’s you go..

Free fall!

It’s maddening how we walk around, interacting with people without a clue what is going on in their heads.

A smile is easy to fake. An “i’m doing okay” is an easy lie.

We all have issues true, but some have it worse. Some are completely torn on the inside.

If tears could clean out our souls.

If tears could take the pain away.

But they don’t, and all we have is seconds, minutes, hours of agony and pain to endure.

Why should we survive it, when we have each other?

My tears don’t help much.

A sincere, “how have you been” just might.

Love, and honest concern and care for me from you.

That’s all anyone asks for.

Are you doing your parts?

Before tears run out and insanity takes over.

Before tears turn to blood.

Before pain turns to death.

I’m open to knowing you more, open to being a friend.

After all what else would I be living for if not to bring comfort to other.

Even in the slightest.

My purpose is to love, because I am loved.


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