A new creation.

So after a beautiful year of rediscovering Christ and His amazing love for me, I decided to take it the whole way.

I got baptized last week, it was quite an amazing thing for me. I’ve come so far by no effort of my own but by God’s grace.I am so amazed at His love for me. A lot of people don’t believe baptism is important which is really strange to me but I won’t judge since i’m not really in any position of authority on that. All I know is after the year i’ve had, it was about time I took my relationship to the next level. I had this conviction and I knew, I had to. It was quite the experience I will admit and I am I glad I did it. I am now I new creation, how cool is that!

2011 has been God’s year in my life, he took me from this lostness, and He gave me a second chance. Despite the fact that I got saved years ago and didn’t live like I was. Despite the fact that I didn’t take His word or will for me seriously for a really long time. He still took me seriously, He still loved me enough to pick me up and put me back together, and not just that, He made me new again. It’s so amazing, I wish I had the words to describe the wreck I was before, and where I am now. God is unbelievably awesome!

I can’t wait for 2012 and the rest of my life!

3 thoughts on “A new creation.

  1. God bless you Tracy. Baptism is a unique and wonderful experience that I felt I had to do after I’ve walked with the Lord for a year. No one told me I should do it, but as I learnt more about Him and His word, the desire grew stronger. I am so happy for you and I know that you will have an even better year with Him in 2012 🙂

  2. I’m so glad I did it finally, I had waited a really long time and I thought was the right time. A way to show my commitment.

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