My idol..

The one thing that I have learnt over the past couple of years and only recently understood is people stumble. As Christians we tend to identify a certain person or people who we feel are “perfect Christians” and seek to emulate them, to observe them, live in their shadow.

Two problems with that;

first of all, if I know you are basing your salvation on my life and actions I am more likely to hide my flaws(human reaction), true it motivates me to do good but as a human being I am bound to sin. I try but I am yet to be perfected. So in the end we are just building a bunch of hypocrites. Working with their might to hide their failures in order to be good examples to other, yet still bound and wallowing in sin.

Secondly, being a Christian means being Christ like yet we choose to emulate someone who isn’t Christ, idolizing a human being. That’s sin, and simply ungrateful after everything He has done for us.

I know a lot of times we really don’t think about it like that, but we ought to. Worship no one else BUT Him and allow others to be human. When we put others on a pedestal then we fail them, we don’t give them that opportunity to make mistakes. When you get people off the pedestal, you allow them be honest and to be able to confess one to another as is required of us without shame or feeling like they let you down.

Let’s give each other the opportunity to be who we are meant to be by encouraging each other, lifting each other up when we fall.

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