He is!

God is. That is one concept a lot of us don’t seem to get. God IS.

Our GOd does NOT dwell in the past, present, or future. He is outside time. A lot of times people think that God has seen it all and is sitting in heaven just watching what he knew would happen happen. That’s not our God, our God is.  Whatever you’re going through now, God is,  whatever you go through tomorrow, God is. He is not in a certain time or space, He is time and space.
Which means that for those of you who are sinners, God doesn’t have your judgment written up and waiting for you, NO! God is right there with you crying for your soul waiting for you to choose Him. Our God, the God of second, third and hundrendth chances.
He is. Right now, just for you.  

3 thoughts on “He is!

  1. Hi Tracy,

    I LOVE to think about the things you express in this post. After all the mistakes I’ve made, it’s so comforting to know about the One who never has made a single one! It’s great to know about a mind that is so much more capable than mine. I wrote a post in my blog that talked about our limitations. May I leave this link to this post?


    Keep the faith!!

    Lou Barba

    • Hi thanks so much for Visiting. I’m do amazed by God’s love for us and how far He chose to go for us. It’s really humbling and it saddens me that so many refuse to choose Him inspite of all He has done. N thanks for link

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