My first day at church

so today, I woke up like any other Sunday with plans to do my regular errands and listen to my favorite church podcasts when the strangest thing happened.. I got in the shower and joined my family on their way to church. It really weird really, since i never go let alone have the urge to(well, not counting my mother’s guilt trips). o for me to do so very strange. Anyway, I went to church and it got even stranger, I am a loner and I prefer to stay in the car when the service is over while the rest mingle and chat. Today, the mingler came to me.. Within 15minutes I had been added to 3 different meetings which I always avoid and made many new friends. I find it quite hilarious actually, me, the loner who’ always looking for any chance to be away from crowds all of a sudden “forced” into social settings and I’m okay with it. A few months ago I would have protested and made any excuse not to now not so much.

God is awesome, I am in awe of His works. He does things in interesting ways. I am back to the church officially and I am at peace. 🙂

It was a good day.

How was your Sunday?

4 thoughts on “My first day at church

  1. This is good to hear Tracy! It is so important that we stay connected to others that can encourage us in our faith (and we can do the same!) Great news:)

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