So, i have to be honest. The spirit has been weighing heavy on my heart lately, to speak His word to share but I have been reluctant to. I don’t know why really but I always seem to have something else to do. I’m ashamed. Imagining that maybe someone needed me at the time or whatever I was to share was meant to help someone. sigh.

I’m not myself lately, I dunno what’s going on with me but I really need some prayers and support here 😦

I can’t let some stumbling blocks prevent me from doing what I know I should, yet I am.



“Don’t deny the Holy Spirit when He gives you an urge, to read the word, to minister, to preach the Gospel. Deny yourself, your own desires, deny your own shyness. Be bold when you are called.”

2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Praying for you, Tracy. I’ve also had times where I put off writing as long as I possibly could for some or the other reason. Hope you are better soon. 🙂

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