During my time away from the internet, I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve had all these ideas of things I could write, things I wanted your opinions on, but just like me to forget to jot them down for later. So sadly, all those things are gone, floating away in my mind somewhere.

Anyway, the one thing that has really had me flustered the whole idea of talents and gifts. We all have something. That one thing or many things, you’ve been blessed with, to bless others with.

How many of us really use them? Are you like me? Do you have a million excuses for not doing the things you know you have been called to do? I am one of those who have been immensely blessed. I am also one of those that waste the blessings. Why? Because I can’t afford, because I need to go to school, because I don’t have the resources, because…. The list is endless.

The bible says in the book of Romans 12:8 we have different gifts according to the grace given to us. We have already been given the grace required to use our gifts. If your gift is listening, you really don’t need to go to some university to study counseling. You have been graced by God to use that gift right now. That’s one thing that has yet to sink in to a lot of us, me included. We are so accustomed to certain avenues in life, that we forget that God is the one to open the doors to our future. He has our whole life written. He knows it all. Yet when He says we have the grace to go out and prophesy, the grace to serve, to teach, to lead, we look at Him and say “God, please provide for my fees  to go study this and that” yet we already can go and do it.

You don’t need a degree in theology to teach the word of God, the word of God is the same and will always be the same. If you know God loves you, you know Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, you know that God is with you  and His plans for your life are good, why do you need a piece of paper to feel validated? Isn’t His word enough?  I’m not saying don’t go to school. I have gone to school, and I know the importance of an education. I’m just saying that we need to stop using it as an excuse to not follow our calling. We are not all wealthy but we are all called, finances can also not be an excuse.

Whatever it is we are required of God to do, we can do in our communities, online, in our families, in our churches and so forth. You certainly don’t need millions to go and listen and be a shoulder to your hurting neighbours’. We can do a lot if we put our minds to it and stop letting the devil trick us into complacency and living lives God hasn’t intended for us. It’s about time we got up and just did it.  After all we will be held accountable when the time comes for all the gifts we were given, we really need to start to realize that. Each of us has been given according to our ability, according to the grace God has for us. God knows that we can achieve so much with what we already have so not doing it is seen as laziness and simply lack of willingness to do as is required of us


Matthew 25:29-30

– 29 for everyone who has will have abundance. Whoever doesn’t have, even what he has will be taken from him. 30 and throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. – Please Read Matt 25:14-30, the parable of the talents.

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