A heart for missions.

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do ever since I can remember is to be a missionary. I love the idea of going to a new place with a team of  people who love God as much as I do. Interacting with new cultures and communities. The opportunity to grow in my personal faith by encountering others. I don’t really see myself as a preacher or potential preacher, that’s actually never crossed my mind, but just talking to people, teaching little children, helping rebuild homes and schools and just serving has been a passion I haven’t fully exploited.

Apart from a little community service and voluntary work (which I can’t really call a mission), I have yet to go on a mission trip. When I was getting ready to go for one a couple of months ago -which sadly failed to materialize – my mom told me that I’d mentioned wanting to go on a mission trip when I was really young, I can’t even remember that.

It really saddens me now, that I haven’t gone for one yet. So many setbacks but the dream lives on. I believe I have been called and I will go.

Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”

Until then I shall use what I have.


4 thoughts on “A heart for missions.

  1. My dear, if it is true and you spoke those words(about going on mission) when you were young then i would be very excited cause i have no doubt that God planted that desire in you. Sounds like you have a gift of evangilism;-)

    Just keep on giving it to god and putting yourself in a position for him to move you and hang out with others who are on the same page.

    Really enjoyed reading your heart stuff

    • Thanks, I try to be as honest as I can.

      It’s really frustrating though when it doesn’t work out. Praying that I am patient enough to wait for God’s perfect time.

  2. Hey Tracy!

    Repeat after me, I Am A Missionary!

    You are a missionary already to your community.

    When you hear some thing that sounds like a prayer request take the time to say, ” Hey, Can I pray for you?” You don’t even have to close your eyes and make a big to do. Just lift them up to God.

    Where are you writing from?

    If you’re in GA I’d love to take you on a trip of the International Village. I’ll buy you lunch. Check out whirlwindmissions.org for more pictures and information about how we Take the Church, To the People here in the States.


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