How great is our God?!

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me in terms of my mental, emotional and spiritual life. I took some serious beat down from the devil and I’ll admit I thought of just throwing in the towel a couple of time. My life would so much easier wouldn’t it? Just doing whatever I want not caring about the rights and wrongs. But when I think I about the bible and all the things God has done for me how can I even imagine such a thing. It breaks my heart every time I think of God watching me doubt Him and His power and love for me.


In my those moments, those low, low moments I remember that He chose me. Knowing all that I had done and all that I was going to do. My sins, my flaws, my disobedience. He still chose me.  How great is our God?


Here’s a song that’s been lifting my spirits lately.


The After – Light Up The Sky

2 thoughts on “How great is our God?!

  1. Gday

    Sometimes i feel like giving up..or cant be bothered to run the race anymore and the thought of going back to the old life or returning to egypt is tempting if you know what i mean? but then im reminded of the revelations that God has given me and how he has revealed himself to me. He pursues us, his children.

    I enjoyed reading what you wrote

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