Losing myself

A couple of months ago I chose to live a committed life. To start acting right. To stop hurting Christ.

Like most christian my age, No. Actually just Christians in general, I had been living wrong. Christian by name and not by deeds. I always had all these excuses about why I couldn’t live as dictated in the bible. Wanting to be worldly and do what everyone else was doing. After all “I’m young right? I could always change tomorrow.”

But my conscience was killing me. I couldn’t stand the things the society considers normal. The life I was leading was slowly rejecting me. With little things like the smell of alcohol making me sick, and a growing desire to interact and share with those that followed Christ.
My heart kept pushing me till all of a sudden, I realized I hadn’t drunk in months and had no desire to.

It’s funny really when you think about it. I wasn’t even trying, but God kept nudging me and pulling me to Him. The satisfaction I feel now, the joy I have in my relationship with Him, is beyond anything I had ever experienced or imagined.

I’m still not perfect don’t get me wrong, and I actually have nothing against a little alcohol (I will discuss this on a later post), but now my greatest desire is to know God.

To lose myself in Him.


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